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Across Tributary Rivers

New bridges for road between Juba and Uganda

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Jan 20, 2010

The road between Juba and Uganda, via Nimule, has received a substantial boost with the completion of as many as 7 new bridges across tributary rivers flowing into the Nile, where in the past crossings were difficult and at times impossible, depending on weather and the flow of water.

Some of the bridges were destroyed by the Khartoum regimeā€™s bombing campaigns during the civil war and have now been restored with the assistance of USAID, who have implemented the generous assistance given by the American government on the ground.

Reconstruction of the road on the Ugandan side of the border is also progressing along the Kampala to Gulu highway and from Gulu towards the border with the southern Sudan, making road transport not only faster but also safer for road users.

New bridges for road between Juba and Uganda
Flooded bridge in Uganda / Image via

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