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No Sinister Motive In Uganda

Recent Entebbe Airport fire an accident

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Jan 20, 2010

Investigators have completed their report into the recent fire at the fuel depot at the Entebbe International Airport and have concluded that the event was purely an accident with no sinister background as some peddlers of ill news have suggested.

As a measure to avoid such incidents in the future, a separate parking area for fuel trucks delivery JetA1 and AVGAS fuels has been created away from the main depot, and trucks will now have to approach the offloading station one by one to prevent any further collisions in the future.

Drivers’ credentials are also due to be checked more stringently in the future to have unqualified personnel excluded from future fuel deliveries.

Recent Entebbe Airport fire an accident
Entebbe Airport / Image via

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