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Airport Security Strengthened

Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority introduces additional security measures

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Jan 13, 2010

The Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority, which also managed the Entebbe International Airport, has recently followed the trend of other airports in Europe and the US and added a strengthened security mechanism aimed to prevent incidents similar to the ones over Christmas, when an alleged terrorist flew from Ghana via Lagos and Amsterdam into the United States and attempted to blow up the flight over Detroit.

Details of the new measures are broadly known to this correspondent but cannot be revealed, in the interest of aviation security, other than to say that attempts to penetrate the various aviation security layers has been made even more difficult now. Uganda in this area cooperates with ICAO and IATA to ensure the highest standards of security and safety and is constantly reviewing and revising measures aimed to keeping travelers from Entebbe safe.

The use of full-body scanners, however, while intended in the medium term, will depend on both funding, as well as the availability of this type of equipment, as the order books of the manufacturers are said to be not just full but overflowing and deliveries will likely first take place in Europe and the United States, before other countries will be able to source the latest state-of the-art equipment.

Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority introduces additional security measures
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