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New York City

NYC cabbie drives 200 miles to return $21,000 to Italian tourist

Jan 13, 2010

A New York City cab driver drove 200 miles to return more than $21,000 in cash left behind in his taxi by an elderly Italian tourist.

Felicia Lettieri, 72, took a trip in 28-year-old Mukul Asaduzzaman's taxi on Christmas Eve, accidentally leaving her wallet behind. It contained travelling money for her and six relatives.

Police told Mrs Lettieri and her family not to get their hopes up about recovering the money.

But Mr Asaduzzaman, a native of Bangladesh and a medical student in Queens, went the extra mile.

The cabbie drove about 50 miles to a Long Island address he found in Mrs Lettieri's handbag. No one answered the door at the house in Patchougue, so he left his phone number and drove back to the city. Hours later, he received a call from the family, turned around and drove back with the money.

Mr Asaduzzaman refused a reward. He told the New York Post: "When I was 5 years old, my mother told me, 'Be honest, work hard and you will raise your station.'"

NYC cabbie drives 200 miles to return $21,000 to Italian tourist
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