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No room at the inn in Uganda over the holidays

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Dec 30, 2009

This correspondent received a few frantic calls just at the very onset of the long Christmas weekend for assistance to find space somewhere either upcountry or in the national parks, sadly a belated and ultimately unsuccessful attempt for some of those who wanted to come to Uganda at the very last moment.

However, there was space available in Entebbe and Kampala at the leading hotels and resorts in the city and along Lake Victoria, and at least two couples from Kenya seemingly did in the end enjoy their Christmas holiday away from home on the tranquil lake shores, as did incidentally yours truly in the serene surroundings of his gardens.

Sadly, the weather was unseasonably cool and windy, with occasional rain showers, but some traditional mulled red wine helped to keep the bodies warm on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

No room at the inn in Uganda over the holidays
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