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Seychelles Travel Outlook

The Seychelles Tourism industry experience speaks for itself

Alain St. Ange, eTN Ambassador Seychelles  Dec 25, 2009

Visitor arrival figures in Seychelles released last Wednesday the 23 December revealed that Seychelles wass now officially but 1% down from its 2008 arrival figures. The Seychelles Tourism Board was yesterday explaining that the Government's move to hand over to the private sector control of its tourism industry had brought positive results and had brought a united tourism industry now working for the country.
The Seychelles experience is a first for Africa where th
e Government handed the pillar of its economy, its tourism industry, over to the private sector. The new public / private sector partnership has seen the Chairman of the Industry's Association, Mr Louis D'Offay work side by side with the country's Minister of Finance, Mr Danny Faure to plan out the broad lines for an acceptable working framework. Today the country is rejoicing because the official statistics figures out yesterday place the seychelles as one of the very few countries who have managed to achieve their pre-economic crisis tourist arrival figures when the worls economies are still being hard hit.

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Director of Tourism Marketing has said that his team were proud with the country's results. Only in March this year the Government was projecting that Seychelles could finish the year with a 25% drop on their 2008 arrival figures, but the Tourism Board Marketing Team have delivered on the task handed to them under the public / private sector partnership.

"The support from the Government and the togetherness for the country's tourism industry has move all obstacles in the way to the relaunching of the country's tourism industry" said Alain St.Ange. He also said that everyone was on board now and Seychelles will be the 2010 destination for holiday makers. These creole tropical islands are the only midocean granitic islands enjoying a year round summer temperature of around 29 degrees. Seychelles is also situated just outside the cyclonic belt and as such does not suffer from the annual cyclones that hit its neighbouring island states. which makes Seychelles stand out as a tropical destination with its powdry white sandy beaches and turquoise blue seas.
The Seychelles President has himself been standing behind the efforts of his Tourism Board's Director of Tourism Marketing by working himself to open new potential markets with State visits to Korea, China and Lebanon over and above the press coverage he is achieving for his country with his numerous working visits in the four corners of the world.

The Seychelles Tourism industry experience speaks for itself

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