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Boxing Day Tsunami

Sri Lanka remembers Boxing Day Tsunami

Renton De Alwis  Dec 20, 2009

Last December 12, 2009, over 1200 villagers of the agro-fishing village of Kiula near the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary in Sri Lanka, gathered at the village temple to light 500 oil lamps, meditate and listen to a sermon by a Buddhist monk calling for a Buddhist way of life shunning greed at the blessing to urge world leaders to have courage and good sense to make a real deal that is Fair, Ambitious & Binding at the UN Climate Change Conference at Copenhagen. The village that faced the wrath of the tsunami on the Boxing Day in 2004 now faces the ill effects of climate change and is depending on the world's leaders to save them from these threats. Hashir Milan, a Sri Lankan design student from the University of Creative Arts, London on holiday for three weeks dedicated a few days of his holiday to be at the village event to bring it to the world at large. The event was organized with Avaaz by yours truly along with the support of the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka remembers Boxing Day Tsunami

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