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Travel events for the Indian outbound travel market

eTN Staff Writer  Dec 14, 2009

The discerning markets of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Cochin will be covered in a forthcoming edition of a major travel mart. With this year's edition, 11 years of creating business opportunities for the hospitality, travel, and tourism industry from India and abroad will be completed.

This year's event is expected to attract more than 400 participants from over 20 countries and 25 Indian states. The visitor profile will be on a B2B and B2C format.

Taking cognizance of the fact the Indian traveler has emerged one of the fastest-growing markets for international destinations in the Asia-Pacific region, this year shall see more than 10 million dollar spending by tourists embarking on overseas travel, as tourism studies and trends indicate. With the advent of low-cost international airfares and holiday packages that are available on monthly installments payable over a period of time, international travel is no longer a luxury.

India is fast becoming one of the most interesting and productive countries for the travel trade industry both for leisure and business travel. A combination of factors is responsible for the growth and demand of travel trends from India:

- Expansion of industry such as IT, banking, and the fact that many large European and American companies are outsourcing to the major metros of India

- Increasing exposure through modern technology

- Introduction of new foreign locations in the largest film industry in the world

- Generous foreign exchange allowances both for business and leisure traffic

This Indian travel event provides an ideal marketing opportunity and excellent backdrop to enhance the participant's brand equity in the eyes of both the discerning travel trade and end consumers.

Travel events for the Indian outbound travel market

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