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Dollars, Pounds And Tourism

Dollar boost for British tourists

Nov 19, 2009

British travellers to the United States are getting a better deal thanks to the renewed strength of the pound against the dollar, a holiday company has said.

Hayes & Jarvis said they would get 24% more today than at the pound's low point against the dollar in March 2009.

In other destinations that use the dollar, like Dubai and Hong Kong, the pound is also worth at least 13% more.

On Tuesday, one pound was worth $1.6795 - a significant improvement on the 52-week low of $1.375.

Hayes & Jarvis said destinations using the Caribbean dollar, such as Antigua and St Lucia, were also benefiting from Britain's favourable exchange rates.

The firm's commercial director Niel Alobaidi said the pound would "stretch further" in dollar destinations than it had in recent times.

Sales of US dollars at the Post Office rose in October for the first time in many months, while demand for the East Caribbean dollar grew by 70%.

Dollar boost for British tourists
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