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France to boost post-strike tourism in Martinique

Nov 12, 2009

France's overseas minister is in Martinique to help the French Caribbean island revive its tourism industry, slammed by a monthlong labor strike earlier this year.

Marie-Luce Penchard met Thursday with hotel and cruise officials to talk about how to attract more visitors.

Hundreds of low-wage workers in numerous industries went on strike in February, slowing the island's economy and forcing tourists to either cancel their vacations or go home early.

About 280,000 people visited Martinique through July, a 7 percent drop compared to the first seven months of last year.

Penchard last visited Martinique in September to lift a six-month freeze on gas prices. The move angered workers, who organized the strike to demand higher salaries and lower food prices.

France to boost post-strike tourism in Martinique
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