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Tourist Board Launches New Advertising Line

Vienna - now or never!

eTN Staff Writer  Oct 29, 2009

The Vienna Tourist Board unveiled its new advertising line, "Vienna - now or never," hoping to attract international visitors to Vienna right now, without delay.

"We are not just saying to customers that they should come to Vienna," explained Vienna's director of tourism Norbert Kettner, "we're telling them why they should come right now and what they will miss if they don't. With this, we will achieve a high degree of recognizability, for this is something no other destination in the world has."

The new slogan, positioned in a "communication square," shows images of Vienna from exciting perspectives, with unusual image details and state-of-the-art photographic aesthetics. The dominant colors are matte gold tones that reference Vienna's imperial tradition and at the same time convey tastefulness and elegance.

The impetus for the development of the new advertising line was the result of a survey of 11,000 travelers in Vienna's major target markets, conducted as part of a brand development process.

"We were particularly interested in respondents who had never visited Vienna. It turned out that most of them would like to see Vienna - 'some time, because Vienna will always be beautiful, even it it's later rather than sooner.' However, we would like to welcome these visitors not 'sometime later' but now, this very instant," Kettner stressed.

The first advertisements with the new look will appear in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, and Romania starting in early November. In London, a hundred double-decker busses carrying the "now or never" message will invite tourists to take a "Vienna X-Mas Break" from November 2 on.

Vienna - now or never!
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