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Most Wanted Person In Tourism

Most wanted by eTurboNews - what do you know about this man ?

Oct 25, 2009

Here is what we know about this man. He is a special advisor to the secretary general of the World Tourism Organization, an offshoot of the United Nations, based in Madrid.

A past president of the World Travel and Tourism Council, he has focused much of his attention on sustainable tourism, spearheading the creation of Agenda 21 for the sector and establishing the Green Globe environmental program for consumers, corporations, and communities.

He has pioneered new research techniques to demonstrate the economic contribution of tourism. He has directed more than 20 national and regional economic impact studies, presenting their results to governments, industry, and media around the world.

Last week he made this comment: Tourism is what ‚Äúfuels the economy and drives people‚ÄĚ in poor countries.

What else do you know about this man? Where is this man? eTN welcomes your comments.

Most wanted by eTurboNews - what do you know about this man ?

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