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UK Medical Tourism

UK is poised for growth in medical tourism

Oct 19, 2009

The United Kingdom is poised for tremendous growth in the medical tourism industry. “The United Kingdom, like the United States has both inbound and outbound medical tourism.

Both the inbound and outbound patient flows will continue to increase with the improved levels patient access to healthcare information. We are thrilled to have the leading medical tourism players from the United Kingdom at our annual conference in Los Angeles this year,” said Renee-Marie Stephano, President of the Medical Tourism Association.

Also looking forward to this big event is a leading online portal serving patients in the US and UK. "The Medical Tourism Congress is a must attend event if you're serious about medical tourism. No other event brings together the decision makers from over 800 organizations committed to the tremendous growth we're seeing in the medical tourism market. At, we ensure that healthcare providers grow the volume of international patients they receive, by outsourcing their patient acquisition marketing to us. Last month alone we referred over 7,500 patients to 38 countries, and we're very excited about meeting with more provider dedicated to medical tourism and helping them to grow their market share," said Rob Passmore of’s United Kingdom Office.

The World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress,, is the official conference of the Medical Tourism Association (Global Healthcare Association) and is sponsored by the Medical Tourism Magazine, the official publication of the Medical Tourism Association, The Medical Tourism Association (MTA),, is the international non-profit trade association for the medical tourism industry which focuses on transparency in quality and pricing, communication and education. MTA has initiated commendable activities for growth of this emerging industry by publishing the world's leading Medical Tourism Magazine and hosting the world’s largest Medical Tourism Congress.

UK is poised for growth in medical tourism
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