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New South Wales Expects Millions To Be Pumped Into Economy

Australia tourism gets a boost from Masters Games

Oct 10, 2009

With many of the 28,000 athletes from the World Masters Games likely to stay on and see the sights, Sydney Chamber of Commerce executive Patricia Forsythe said they are expecting a boost in tourism.

Government and business leaders believe they will pump about 50 million Australian dollars (US$45.2 million) into the economy, with a big slice of the spending expected outside the central business district (CBD).

Forsythe said the range in competitors' ages means they have different interests and spending patterns to typical athletes.

"Their life is not necessarily built around sport[s], so they are not in a training regime after the games," she said. "They will be here to enjoy the benefits and opportunities of travel in Australia."

Forsythe said the competitors were more likely than younger athletes to stay and travel in Australia and would also spend more money.

"You will see more of them seeking out four- and five-star accommodation," she said.

The fact that many Masters' events will be held in western Sydney would benefit businesses outside the CBD, she said.

Australia tourism gets a boost from Masters Games
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