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Looking Down On Mount Everest

Exclusive flight from Lhasa, China to Kathmandu, Nepal

eTN Staff Writer  Sep 21, 2009

In 2002, Nepal became a tourist destination for Chinese people through Air China, and today there are 70 times more Chinese tourists visiting the country since then.

Air China is the only airline that connects these two dream destinations, with flights between Lhasa, Tibet, and Kathmandu, Nepal - a route that has been available since 1988. This is the only route that provides breathtaking views of the legendary Mount Everest to its passengers.

Aircraft on this route are flown by experienced pilots and incorporate advanced technology including Required Navigation Performance (RNP), ensuring optimal safety levels.

Passengers from all over China can visit Kathmandu with Chengdu acting as a hub for a number of cities in Tibet and a number of cities in other parts of China.

Exclusive flight from Lhasa, China to Kathmandu, Nepal
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