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Cooperation Deal Signed

Visa travel restrictions between Syria and Turkey end

eTN Staff Writer  Sep 18, 2009

The foreign ministers for Syria and Turkey announced that Syrians could travel to Turkey without visas, and vice versa. A cooperation deal was also signed between the two countries, much like the one Turkey signed with Iraq, where travel between the two nations is visa free.

Ahmet Davutogul, Turkey's Foreign Minister, said their aim is to solidify ties with the Middle East region: “When all of these mechanisms are brought together, we are sure that the environment of economic integration, welfare, and peace will make great progress.

"We want this understanding to spread into our region and the region to turn into a very wide zone of welfare and strong stability. We may establish similar mechanisms with Iran and other mechanisms. We want our relationship with our neighbors to turn into maximum cooperation via the principle of zero problems.”

Visa travel restrictions between Syria and Turkey end
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