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American Airlines' Job Cuts

921 jobs to be cut by American Airlines

Sep 01, 2009

American Airlines Inc. said Tuesday that 921 flight attendant positions will be eliminated, effective Oct. 1. The move will help the airline reach its previously announced goal of cutting 1,200 flight attendant jobs by the end of the year.

The airline had delayed the cuts to allow time for flight attendants to accept voluntary leaves. In a statement, American said the reductions include "449 voluntary options, 224 involuntary overage leaves and 228 furloughs.‚ÄĚ

Flight attendants who volunteered to accept leaves saved 279 jobs from ending up on an involuntary furlough list, the airline said. With a two-month involuntary leave, 244 flight attendants will preserve their jobs while also allowing other flight attendants to continue flying.

After accounting for the overage leaves, travel separations and modified flying schedules, the airline still had to eliminate 228 flight attendant positions to reach its goal of cutting 1,200 positions by October.

921 jobs to be cut by American Airlines

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