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Top 10 Worst Beaches

Mud pool, sewage outlet, or beach?

eTN Staff Writer  Aug 28, 2009

Many popular coastal destinations have a mediocre beach, but often they are also messy, ugly, or boring. Zoover, a European holiday review web site, has created a list of 10 coastal destinations that are best avoided. Here, web site guests share their reviews.

1. Playa Paraiso Tenerife, Spain
Playa Paraiso, located on the west coast of Tenerife, comes out on top according to Zoover. “There is nothing to see and the surroundings look dilapidated. New apartments and hotels are being built. Hopefully they don’t forget to also give the general surroundings a make over as well."

2 Qawra, Malta
Qawra is a coastal destination in the north of Malta. “The gutter of Malta! It’s a large concrete jungle, full of sunburnt people who frequent local restaurants t-shirtless.” Maaike agrees, “It really is a concrete jungle! Hotels and apartments, no greenery whatsoever.”

3 San Agustín Gran Canaria, Spain
San Agustín is located in the south of Gran Canaria. This coastal destination lacks a beautiful beach. “Only black gritty beaches.” The showers located at the beach are of a low quality. “Coming out of the ocean feels like getting out of a mud pool. The gritty sand is impossible to get out of your towels."

4 El Quseir, Egypt
El Quesir is located on the east coast of Egypt. “It takes more than an hour to get there by shuttle bus, and the town is dirty. Pushy salesmen curse at you if you don’t react. There is nowhere decent to go for a drink or to use a restroom. One doesn’t even feel safe!"

5. Costa del Silencio Tenerife, Spain
Costa Silencio, some kilometers more south on Tenerife Island, is also a disappointment for many vacationing guests. "There was absolutely nothing to do in the area even for people who enjoy their peace. It gets old very quickly. We had to travel to find a nice beach or something to do. Costa del Silecio is also full of commuters who love nothing more than to honk their car horns."

6. Tunis/Borj Cedria, Tunisia
Borj Cedria is located east of the Capital Tunis. "I can’t recommend it. The beaches are not that nice, and there is a lot of pollution because it’s located in the vicinity of Tunis. It’s reminds one of a poor suburb of Tunis where there isn’t much to see or do. If you like adventure and exploration this is not the place for you."

7. Psalidi Kos, Greece
Psalidi, located on the east coast of the Greek island Kos can’t be recommended as a travel destination. It’s not much more than a collection of hotels. "Moreover, it’s very expensive around the harbor. Between Kos city and Psalidi there isn’t much to be seen with many vacant areas. The well-known geysers also disappoint."

8. Sliema, Malta
Located a bit more eastern on the island of Malta, you will find Sliema. This coastal destination also is not very popular. "It’s an ugly place on an ugly island. Malta and Sliema appear glamorous in brochures, but in reality disappoint. Sliema, just like the rest of Malta, is characterized by bleak, unimaginative, grey buildings that are mostly empty."

9. Anissaras Kreta, Greece
Anissaras is located on the island of Crete, not far from the well-known coastal destination Chersonissos. According to visitors it’s a very impoverished place. "There are only 2 kiosks and a bus stop; that’s it. The sewer pipe ends on the beach. It feels like your stepping centuries into the past when you arrive."

10. Beldibi, Turkey
Beldibi is a small village located close to Kemer in Turkey. "There is nothing to do. If you want to be able to enjoy shopping without constant harrasment, you have to take a taxi or the bus to Kemer. There is a lot of dirt on the streets, as well as stray cats and dogs."

Mud pool, sewage outlet, or beach?
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