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Tourist Scams

Tourist scam busted

Aug 16, 2009

The latest in a series of busts aimed at stopping scams that prey on tourists near Disney World ended up with four ticket sellers being arrested. Each was allegedly selling worthless Disney World and Universal tickets at four locations on and around the Highway 192 tourist strip.

The tickets were being sold at:

4880 W. Highway 192
7421 W. Highway 192
8130 W. Highway 192
2979 Vineland Road (between 192 and Osceola Parkway)

All four locations are in Kissimmee, on a strip thick with gas stations, restaurants, souvenir shops, discount electronics outlets, miniature golf courses, timeshare recruitment booths...and discount ticket resellers.

The arrest underscores the importance of never buying theme park tickets from an unknown seller. The bust was initiated by complaints from tourists who were purchasing the tickets, then being turned away from the theme parks when they turned out to be worthless.

The Osceola Sheriff's Office Tourist Policing Unit teamed up with security personnel from Disney World and Universal to carry out an undercover operation. Based on what they discovered, they arrested the four suspects and seized $6000 in cash and over $130,000 in theme park tickets.

Tourists were also allegedly ripped off by a group of people running a phony credit counseling services and buying tickets for resale with the stolen number. A couple was recently enticed by a trickster to trash their Orlando hotel room, doing thousands of dollars in damage.

Tourist scam busted
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