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Death of two Germans unrelated to Kenya’s political violence

Wolfgang H. Thome  Jan 31, 2008

(eTN) - The killing of two German citizens at the South Coast of Mombasa is evidently not connected to the present post-election violence, which some parts of Kenya have suffered from over the past weeks.

The two victims, a German businessman living in Kenya and his visiting friend from Germany, were attacked and killed at the residence of the business man in either an outright robbery attempt or – as part of the usual speculation over such incidents – a result of a possible business dispute or rivalry. The wife of the visitor from Germany was also injured in the attack but is recovering at a hospital in Mombasa.

It should be stressed, that due to the ongoing close liaison between the tourism private sector and security organs, and through regular updates to safari companies on the actual situation on the ground along key airport and safari routes, the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) and the Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) have so far successfully managed to keep all tourists out of harm’s way.

A group of tourists coming from their Kenya section of an East African safari tour to Uganda for gorilla tracking in fact confirmed to this correspondent during a chance meeting at Entebbe International Airport earlier in the week, that they – while initially a little apprehensive over the situation – very much enjoyed their safari to the key national parks in Kenya, felt safe throughout their trip and at no time came near any trouble on the road.

Many safari vehicles are equipped with long distance radios and guides can receive important information from their offices in Nairobi or Mombasa, allowing them to avoid trouble spots.

Death of two Germans unrelated to Kenya’s political violence

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