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Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan tourist numbers up 9%

Aug 06, 2009

Compared to last year, the number of tourist arrivals into Sri Lanka increased by nine percent at the end of June this year.

This is the first time such an increase in the number of tourists was recorded after twelve months and this is the result of the end of the civil war, said the Vice President of the Tourist Hotels Association of Sri Lanka, Srilal Miththapala.

‚ÄúThe highest influx of tourists is from the UK, India, Middle-East and France. Many hotels in Colombo and elsewhere are expected to be refurbished after April next year since they anticipate a huge growth in December. Therefore, Sri Lanka can expect a growth next year by developing hotels and infrastructure facilities to attract tourists‚ÄĚ, he said. He said that compared to the hotel prices in other countries of the region, Sri Lanka is cheaper whereas countries such as Thailand maintain very competitive prices.

The products of those countries are affordable and can be purchased cheaply because they deliver special offers. An influx of 45,000 tourists is expected next year and several promotional programs have been already organized.

Apart from inviting journalists from various countries to visit Sri Lanka, there will be postcard and discount booklet promotions to attract many tourists to Sri Lanka, he said. He said that the Government plans to offer various packages for investors to Sri Lanka.

The occupancy rate increased from 45 percent to 50 percent. Tourism would regain its growth during the next six months and hoteliers can maintain the normal market rates. The hotel room rates have dropped due to the credit crunch and other reasons but since the influx is growing, the room rates might automatically increase in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan tourist numbers up 9%
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