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Bomb threat

New York La Guardia Airport Terminal Evacuated

Aug 01, 2009

Authorities said they have one person in custody after evacuating LaGuardia Airport's Central Terminal early Saturday morning.

Authorities are not allowing any flights to take off or land at the airport, according to Port Authority and New York City police.

It was not immediately clear when the flights would be allowed to resume.

However, at around 8:30 a.m., airport employees were seen re-entering the terminal. A Port Authority announcement said passengers would be allowed back in around 9 a.m. An eye-witness told eTN at 9.15 am flights were taking off again.

A man is in custody and Port Authority and city police bomb technicians are investigating the man's bag, Port Authority spokesman John Kelly said.

The man appeared to be drunk when arrested. He stated to officers he had a bomb in his bag.

Video from the scene showed passengers and their luggage standing along the roads outside the airport.

It was not known how many passengers were in the terminal at the time of the evacuation.

Central Terminal is one of four terminals in the airport, which is in the borough of Queens. It is about eight miles from Manhattan

New York La Guardia Airport Terminal Evacuated
Hundreds of passengers mill outside the Central Terminal at New York's LaGuardia Airport on Saturday

Source: CNN and eye witness report

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