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Airline Industry

June data: Bargains for flyers, burn for airlines

Scott McCartney  Jul 21, 2009

The Air Transport Association reports that passenger revenue for U.S. airlines fell 26% in the month of June compared to a year earlier, with the number of people traveling off about 6.5% and the average price to fly one mile down a whopping 20.7%.

The price decline surpassed the 2001 fall from recession and terrorist attacks, the airline industry association said.

“Despite extreme price discounting, June data reflect ongoing weakness in demand for air travel. The airline industry remains fragile as this country continues to suffer from the worst recession since the 1930s,” said ATA President and CEO James C. May.

For domestic travel, the price to fly one mile on average fell 18.9% to 12.93 cents, ATA said. The average price per mile across the Atlantic fell 25.2%, Latin America prices were down 21.8% and Pacific passenger “yield’’ was down 25.5%.

To fill seats, airlines had to slash prices. Even though they trimmed capacity this year, they still had too many seats flying around. Expect big schedule cuts as fall gets closer.

June data: Bargains for flyers, burn for airlines
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