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R.O.A.R.: Just say no to UK tax increase

Rod Le Roux  Jul 16, 2009

Cannot believe that the UK government is considering a hike in air travel taxes! Never mind British Airways cutting jobs and increasing fares because of huge losses, what about the traveler?

Why must governments rely so heavily on the air industry, but mainly the traveler, to raise their coffers? Most taxes are at least double the airfare and this is blamed on, among other things, fuel.

I hasten to say South Africa falls into this disgraceful situation and as most other countries, find air travel falling drastically.

Complaining is of no use what so ever for as we know, if government officials must travel, they know we pay for it all.

My intention of sending a longer epistle has been dampened by the fact that no sense or revision of "rules" could ever be expected so enough said!

R.O.A.R.:  Just say no to UK tax increase
Photo by Nelson Alcantara

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