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Australian tourism "boosted" by social networking

Jul 09, 2009

The increasing popularity of social networking and blogging sites such as Facebook and Twitter is reportedly having a beneficial effect on the tourism industry in Australia.

Tourism Australia said that its presence on the two online communities was leading to more people talking and 'tweeting' about the country and their travel experiences there.

Speaking in Melbourne, Geoff Buckley, managing director of Tourism Australia, said social media helps travellers connect to other people with common interests and share their opinions.

"Tourism Australia's activities on Twitter and Facebook are connecting people around the world who have visited Australia and getting them to share their experiences with a community of travellers who are equally passionate about our country," he said.

"The Facebook page, which was initially rolled out 12 months ago for World Youth Day, is attracting a strong following. There are now more than 260,000 fans signed up to Australia's Facebook page and this is growing at a rate of almost 1,000 new fans a day."

Mr Buckley also said that people from the UK, Italy, France and the US are among the most vocal in sharing their experiences of Australia.

He was speaking at the Australian Tourism Exchange, an event being held in Melbourne this week that could secure billions of dollars worth of future business for the travel industry.

Australian tourism "boosted" by social networking
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