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Hadramout attack on tourists severely affected tourism in Yemen

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Jan 27, 2008

The secretary-general of the Yemeni Union for Hotels and the general manager of Yemeni Hotels Company Tawfeeq al-Khamiri said the tourism sector in Yemen was severely affected by the latest terrorist attack on a Belgian tourist convoy in Doan area in Hadramout, south of Yemen, killing two Belgians and two Yemenis. He said so many reservations have been canceled after the attack.

Al-Khamiri accused official media of misleading people when it declined any effect on tourism sector after that terrorist act. “Official media do not give facts about the big material loss the private sector is suffering. The loss of private tourism sector reached millions of dollars,” al-Khamiri told NY. He said his company and other tourism agencies in Yemen have discharged some employees and given some others open vacations as revenues of the tourism movement declined.

He said the state’s policy towards private tourism sector was wrong. “Official promises to support tourist sector and offering exemptions and facilities did not see the light yet,” he said.

Hadramout attack on tourists severely affected tourism in Yemen

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