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Swine Flu in Africa

First h1n1 ‘swine flu’ case in Kenya ‘imported’

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN Africa  Jul 01, 2009

Kenyan authorities were swift to point out, that a British student – presently in Western Kenya – was found with the dreaded ‘swine flu’ and has been confined to hospital, where treatment is being administered according to WHO recommendations.

Sources close to the Kenyan Ministry of Health, and sources close to the tourism sector, however, were equally swift to ascertain that no indigenous Kenyans have been infected with the flu type.

Authorities have said that regular surveillance at the main airports was ongoing.

In particular, the Kenya Tourist Board will be keeping potential visitors and travel agents abroad informed through their website and other means of communications.

They have also said there is no cause for alarm at this moment in time for the main safari and beach resorts frequented by tourists from overseas.

First h1n1 ‘swine flu’ case in Kenya ‘imported’

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